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Simulation and Design of GaN HEMTs

GaN HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) is the next general power semiconductor device. Silicon technology is saturating, to further improve the efficiency of power electronics systems and reduce the volume and manufacturing cost, GaN HEMT will gradually replace silicon in most areas of applications.


In terms of substrate materials, there are several materials to choose from, such as silicon, SiC and GaN. This table shows the merit and draw backs of these substrate. Currently, for power electronics applications, most people choose Si substrate for the merit of lowest cost.


Many companies and research institutes around the world are doing extensive research in the field of GaN, here is an incomplete map of global research activities:


A typical GaN HEMT simulated by Crosslight NovaTAD is shown here, which contains a silicon substrate, an AlN nucleation layer, a GaN buffer layer and AlGaN cap layer.