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Why GaN

Materials for Power Devices

Advantages of using GaN Power Devices


First generation power devices material


Second generation power devices materia


Third generation power devices material

Manufacturing Cost

  • SiC power devices have a much higher manufacturing cost than silicon and GaN power devices, SiC power devices will be used mostly in high voltage and high power applications
  • Right now, GaN power devices manufacturing cost is slightly higher than silicon power devices. However, thanks to the improvement of technology and increased adoption in various applications, GaN devices are projected to cost less than silicon devices in the near future

GaN Material Advantages


GaN Power Devices Brings New Opportunities

  • Silicon has reached the bottleneck for further performance / efficiency improvements
  • Break through innovation bottlenecks by substituting silicon with GaN for power devices
  • GaN power devices not only go far beyond silicon in performance, they also open the door to opportunities that were deemed impossible in the past using silicon technology.

Advantages of using GaN Power Devices

High switching frequency with lower total costs!

  • High frequency makes it is possible to dramatically reduce the manufacturing cost by lower transistor cost and using much smaller passive elements. It also means the power electronics system that uses GaN transistors can achieve an unparalleled power density with a much smaller volume and light weight


  • Also, GaN material’s outstanding thermal property allows smaller or even no heat sink, further reduces the size and weight and lowers the total cost

Our Products

  • Our initial products will be focusing on power supplies used in consumer electronics and sustainable clean energy applications.
  • Our power supplies will feature the latest technology with GaN HEMTs transistors that are designed by GaNPower.