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GaN Power Devices Bring New Opportunities

Renewable Energy

Renewable clean energy is our commitment to have a greener future for generations to come.

Energy Conversion

All types of energy need to be converted to electric power before being used by human.

Improved Efficiency

GaN HEMTs are designed replace silicon power devices to improve the efficiency and reduce energy conversion losses.

GaN Power Devices Brings New Opportunities

High Efficiency
Low System Profile
High System Power Density

Why GaN

Advantages of using GaN Power Devices

High Efficiency

GaN material has a critical field that is 10 times higher than silicon. With the same voltage ratings, a much lower on state resistance can be achieved.

High Switching Speed

High switching speed allows power electronics system designers to reduce the total volume of passive components, thus greatly increases power density.

Outstanding Thermal Capability

GaN material's outstanding thermal property allows smaller or even no heat sink, which further reduces the size and weight of the system.

Lower Cost

GaN HEMT with silicon substrate can be fabricated in older silicon facilities with lower manufacturing cost. GaN HEMT also features smaller foot-print per device compared to silicon, which contributes to lower unit cost than silicon in the near future.